[Skunkworks] Economic Sabotage Charges - Vodacom Tanzania

Brian L lusiola at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 21:48:20 EAT 2019

Hello Listers,

Thank you Tony for the concern and for raising this up.
It has been an excruciating 30 days of experiencing the unfair law systems
of our neighboring country.
I returned to Kenya on Friday morning, shaken and a little broken.
*Please note: I am not making any comments or statements on behalf of
Inventure Mobile Kenya Limited - Tala*

Vodacom had been providers for both mpesa and telephony (SIP trunk)
The accusations by the regulator are totally preposterous  and what makes
it worse, is that regulators have incompetent people in place.

Long short of it;

1. Accusation is made.
2. Nine days later, the a charge is provided.
3. Day 10, the case is taken to a court that cannot listen to the case
(resident magistrate court)
4. Bail can be applied for, but only at the high court.
5. Lawyers advice against bail, as the prosecution can block the judge from
granting it. At this stage, we're informed that any protest will land us a
Money Laundering charge, which does not have bail.
6. Day 24, Vodacom is brought into the case, with an MD who has only been
confirmed 2 weeks prior.
7. Day 30, end of the whole problem as companies pay fines.

It is a travesty, where the legal systems take a company's employees as
hostages to get fines for the government and regulators.
The system denies bail, because the prosecution knows it will lose the case
if the hostages are released.
To make matters worse, there are plenty of innocent people being arrested
and imprisoned by the system.
Every single day on local newspapers, you will be sure to find a different
case of "*Kuhujumu Uchumi" *

On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 6:37 AM Alvin Ochola Gmail <ajochola at gmail.com>

> Good morning,
> I believe Brian is still on this forum
> and his brother Sammy though am not sure....
> Regards,
> Alvin Ochola
> On Fri, 12 Apr 2019 at 01:48, Tony Likhanga via skunkworks <
> skunkworks at lists.my.co.ke> wrote:
>> Just checking if anyone knows if Brian Lusiola is fairly OK and probably
>> has access to legal representation. I see some mention of him in this
>> convoluted case.
>> https://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/business/Vodacom-tanzania-tala-bosses-charged-with-economic-sabotage/2560-5055246-dcdaeuz/index.html
>> --
>> Tony.
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Lusiola Brian
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