[Skunkworks] Skunkworks KE - Looking into the future

Odhiambo Washington odhiambo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 00:51:29 EAT 2018


The skunkworks domain name has been in existence since 28th March 2006.
That's 12 years of community collaboration..
We also need to ensure continuity of the same by letting younger skunks
(SkunksNg) to assume control over the server and domain and mentor other
Kenyan techies to continue with this spirit that has been kept alive for
years by 1st generation ICT techies (tech enthusiasts).
I'm proposing that we mark this milestone by giving 20 email addresses @
my.co.ke to the most active skunks.
We'll need a few to be nominated to be server admins as well.
I have recently updated/migrated the server from Debian Wheezy to Ubuntu
Bionic Beaver.

Nominations are welcome.

Ideas to move forward with the community into the future are also welcome.
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