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> Skunks,
> I have a client who is looking for an application (preferably Web-based)
> which can be able to support *Help Desk *and* Change Management.*
> Hit me up with the quotes.
> *Perpetual Licensing* will be given preference.
> Thanks and regards,
> Peter Mugoh
You know what I think? Change Management is quite an ambiguous term, no?
Because it depends on the changes you want to control and the control
process. It might be hardware replacement approval, software changes, etc
Anyway, because change management (whatever it is) requires APPROVAL, I
think you can easily install a FOSS called Request Tracker -
https://docs.bestpractical.com/rt and configure an Approvals queue to
handle change management.
The other queues can handle HelpDesk.

I do think that commercial versions appeal to you better, no? :-)

Best regards,
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