[Skunkworks] Wanted Second hand XPS 13/ Carbon X1

Martin Gicheru martin at techweez.com
Mon Aug 27 15:42:49 EAT 2018

Hey people,

I'm in the market for an XPS 13 (any generation) or a Lenovo Carbon X1 Gen
3/4 with a min config of  8GB/256.

Any other equivalent laptop may be considered for price and features. I
value a HDMI port, SD card reader also preferred.

If anyone is selling theirs or deals in ex-UK/US/Japan let me know. My
budget looks like the current Kenyan economy.


Martin Gicheru

Twitter ID:@martingicheru <https://twitter.com/martingicheru> | Telegram:
@martingicheru <http://telegram.me/martingicheru>
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