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Sat May 6 08:39:30 EAT 2017

And suddenly there is silence in the room for about 8 hours... I can hear the second hand of a wall watch click or tick...

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On 5 May 2017 11:50 pm, at 11:50 pm, Peter Osotsi via skunkworks <skunkworks at lists.my.co.ke> wrote:
>Dear Skunkers,
>I am in the race for the presidency and would love to have your views
>how our industry will transform our economy, and any other suggestions.
>If, and I'm saying IF I don't make it, your views will still be heard
>the people of Kenya and the relevant authorities that will be in power
>This is your chance to have your voice heard at the ballot especially
>the issues we are passionate about. I will represent our industry well
>therefore I want your help in transforming our nation.
>In the coming days you'll hear more about the agenda I have for the
>of Kenya.
>Best regards
>Peter Osotsi
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