[Skunkworks] Zuku the Useless ISP

Jared Oyier jaredkoyier at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 08:42:24 EAT 2017

Fish rots from the head, lately I get calls reminding me of my subscription
due date(remember it’s a prepaid service) , before that they were giving
offers on prompt/early subscription payments, to me these are signs of a
company in  financial distress.

Here is an article on how CS Mucheru  & co lost 20b at the holding company


But I gotta say, my Tripple play is close to perfect except for the
telephone which never works and they don’t seem to know how to resolve .

On 30 March 2017 at 23:32:28, Mouz Muya via skunkworks (
skunkworks at lists.my.co.ke) wrote:

Good People,

Please help me understand. Why is it that even after all the customer
complaints, Zuku never makes any effort to improve their mediocre services?
>From a technical standpoint, is it a lack of capacity to improve or lack of
capacity to handle all the subscriptions?

Lastly, why does Zuku internet suffer downtimes when it rains? What's the
relationship between these two occurrences?
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