[Skunkworks] Fwd: [kictanet] Safaricom and Internet Traffic Tampering

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At the expense of digressing such an important thread, I will ask Thuo, who
claims to not have anything to hide to share the following information on
this list
1. National ID card details
2. High school results slip, and university transcripts
3. Payslip
4. Bank statement
5. Health status, and medical records
6. Name of past and current girl friends, wife, and kids
7. The name of your kids, age, where they go to school, and class
8. Listers can add more mundane data here

The point is, the mundane information about us belongs only to us, and
those we have entrusted the information. In the wrong hands, this
information may be potent
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> On 23 March 2017 at 09:52, Odhiambo Washington via skunkworks <
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>> In light of such dual uses, this report makes clear that service
>> providers operating middle-boxes must communicate to the public in a
>> transparent manner the justification for such activity. This is especially
>> relevant as government bodies announce plans to monitor and possibly censor
>> the Internet during Kenya’s current electoral processes.
> ​i always wonder, what do people hide? Safcom and telcos of the world can
> sniff on my data all they want [so long as they dont tamper with my bank
> account]- if you have nothing to hide what's fear for?​
> Kind Regards,
> Wilson./
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