[Skunkworks] GSM Data Roaming Question

Tony Likhanga tlikhanga at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 21:27:30 EAT 2017


The verdict on this is out! Turns out the SIM cards work just as they would
at home! I've verified this physically.....down to the IP addresses
assigned to them!

I had consulted 2 other friends in 'knowledge street' and got these
verbatim responses that may be of interest to some members...

=============Knowledge Street1===============
*The APN is only known in your home network.                      *
*The serving SGSN, visiting SGSN has to connect to your home APN  DNS to
resolve the APN so as to get which GGSN to create your session so as to
obtain IP services.   **Once the request is received by your home GGSN, the
rest should just flow: IP address, billing, etc *

=============Knowledge Street2===============
*When you roam you will be attached to the SGSN in the foreign country, but
the routing shall be done on your home GGSN; meaning that you will have an
IP from the range provided in the roaming country*
*Before attaching to the foreign SGSN, the foreign network does a check
with your home network - subscriber validation.*
*Since the routing shall point to your home GGSN which basically routes
your APN range of IP's accordingly, you should be routed as if you were at
home... also depends on the "APN related priviledges"*

Now we know. :-) :-)


2017-02-21 17:54 GMT+03:00 Odhiambo Washington <odhiambo at gmail.com>:

> Tony,
> Without thinking so much about this and asking what it is you do with the
> IPs, I must say IP addresses are NOT portable outside a given network where
> they are assigned. You cannot say in Kenya, Zuku assigns you routed
> for the purpose of some obscure services that you run in your Kenyan
> network and then expect to carry the router configured with Zuku IPs and
> still expect it to work in Safaricom network, for instance! Now extrapolate
> that to a foreign country.
> On 21 February 2017 at 16:03, Tony Likhanga via skunkworks <
> skunkworks at lists.my.co.ke> wrote:
>> Good people.... small query here....that little GGSN & SGSN matter...
>> 1. My mobile Phone Service provider issues me with a special APN SIM card
>> (assigned a pre-defined range of IPs)
>> 2. I roam on data into a different country...
>> Who assigns me the IP when in the foreign country? Is it still my
>> provider? And will I still be assigned an IP address in the pre-defined
>> range I'm used to at home?
>> Mwagiru, Kioko et al.... SOS!
>> Tony.
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