[Skunkworks] Real-time election transmission

Walubengo J jwalu at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 7 19:21:00 EAT 2017

Nice work  @James...just some queries below:
1) How do you deal with double voting? As in I may have 2-3 simcards and I vote repeatedly for my guy using each?
2) How do you deal with impersonation aka Ghost voters? Or put differently, how can you tell that a certain vote from Mrs. Walu, indeed came from Mrs. Walu and not the 'abusive' and dictator husband 'Mr. Walu'? Furthermore, Mrs. Walu perhaps preferred NOT to vote but Mr. Walu voted for her anyway.
3) How do you deal with lost phones, so cant vote. Or folks with feature phones rather than smart phones,  Or forgotten passwords?
4) How do you handle the concept of 'VERIFICATION'? which is a constitutional requirement that elections must be accurate, secure and verifiable? The verifiable concept is often done through comparing the electronic output (results transmission) with the manual tally. You system seems to lack the 'manual' aspects hence the question on how you would do verifications in the event of election petitions.

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Thank you Issac. The measures i have taken is that each vote is tied to the specific device matching the registered phone number, to ensure the user can only vote once, until the poll is re-opened.

When IEBC avails their API, i'll be able to add more stringent measures, and provide more awesome features i have on hold due to lack of validated data.

For the aspirants, they will be updated, when the various political parties provide their official lineup. 

I can try look into the fingerprint module as an update. The limitation would be that, not many devices have a fingerprint reader but its a very good option none the less. 


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Good stuff. It is a step towards getting something powerful out of this forum. 
- I wish the software can detect finger prints- What measures have you taken to ensure that voters are not coerced/bribed for particular candidate. This Kenyans must be monitored otherwise they will auction their votes in realtime. 
PS Using Kawetangula as ka-example though, use mine instead.
On 7 March 2017 at 16:31, Jambo Creative via skunkworks <skunkworks at lists.my.co.ke> wrote:

Hi Skunks,As elections are gearing up, i made an app that allows users participate in mock elections and view the aggregate poll results in real-time. This was mostly a project to prove that real-time election data transmission is possible. 
Please see below, what the app is all about.
Amua is Kenya's first mock election platform that allows you to participate in mock elections by voting for your preferred candidate across a variety of electoral areas and view the results in real-time on the mobile app. You can also view the presidential results in real-time on our website. The app is available for download here --> https://play.google.com/store/ apps/details?id=com.devs.preve nes.amua1The video on how to use the app is available here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=nuRrDYokzzA2Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.Regards,Jame

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