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Oliver Ndegwa olie.ndegwa at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 11:46:52 EAT 2017

Hi Listers,

Just saw this as a requirement for a website developer in a GOK agency RFP..

The Lead developer;
Qualification and Experience of the Lead Consultant in similar assignment ;;
i) At least a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in ICT, Computer Science, Web
designs or related field with a minimum of 7 years of professional
experience; - 15Marks
ii) At least a Master’s Degree or equivalent in ICT, Law,  Business
Administration, Public Administration or related field with a minimum of
Five years – 15marks
iii) Less than five years’ experience but not below I year - 3marks
iv) 10 Extra marks for 15yrs experience in development of Web development
for Public organization -10marks
(Attach Employment records including length of service and projects handled.

Like really for a website. or am wrong.. I don't get it

 Warm Regards,
Oliver Ndegwa
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