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Good, seems we are heading to the right direction:
Not degree qualifications, seems Matiangi effect opened many eyes even
across borders.

Skills and Qualifications :)

   - You have no less than ten years experience managing developers in an
   enterprise software company.
   - You have significantly contributed to or led the development of at
   least one web-based service that met consumer needs or solved business
   - You bring hands-on experience coding in more than one currently
   popular web application framework.
   - You are familiar with more than one software development methodology.
   - You are able to discern user requirements and develop specifications
   that meet business needs — we will ask for examples!
   - You have contributed to one or more open source project — show us your
   - You understand Internet protocols and RFC standards, database
   management systems, and revision control systems.
   - You are expertly familiar with information security vulnerabilities,
   risk management, consumer privacy, and payments industry compliance
   - Bonus if you have exposure to business theory, business process
   development, governance processes, management, budgeting, and
   administrative operations.
   - You want the startup life or have already lived it and thrived.
   - Being based in Nairobi, Kenya or Kigali, Rwanda sounds exciting.
   - You have the patience of a high school science teacher.
   - You want to build, nurture, and train your own team.

Kind Regards,

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> Hi vacancy available,
> http://www.mindsky.com/careers/cto/
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