[Skunkworks] <ADVERT> Animal health surveillance system

James Njoroge patjayke at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 18:37:05 EAT 2017

I own and run Mnemonics Systems, which specializes in developing of Web
based solutions to challenges that face individuals, organizations and
communities in general.

We have developed a highly innovative solution for the Veterinary sector.
Our research indicates that our technology is unique and will offer
significant advantage over all available similar and competing services.
Our solutions is concerned with providing guidance to professionals in the
animal health industry, to carry out surveillance using global best

Our solution will deliver the following customer benefits:

   - Guidance on how to design and evaluate surveillance in order to
   optimize it
   - Step by step approach on design and evaluation of surveillance
   - Access to training materials
   - Access to comprehensive documentation

See the attached document for more information.
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