[Skunkworks] This problem of certification of video evidence

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Such an App would have to be an integral part of the video/picture recorder
in order to be authentic, else, doing that after means altering the
video/picture, no?
It would have to be a special type of camera, that is.
With the 'Location' feature turned on, and data connection
available/active, modern smartphone embed GPS coordinates in each photo
they take[1].These phones, depending on the settings, even have a timestamp
on the media created. Many modern digital cameras also do this. So you can
rely on the EXIF[2] data manipulation tools to do stuff like you discuss,
BUT when you say 'certification', what exactly is the legal definition of
Going by the case you have referred to, I can only say that it's possible
to accept the video recorded at the Jamhuri Day celebrations as legit -
until one goes to court and makes a claim, using it as supporting evidence,
upon which the courts will be easily manipulated to dismiss its legitimacy!

So, until the (Kenyan) law tells us what this 'certification' entails,
we're just groping in the dark. Till then, we have to wait for the time
details come out to enable us program the App.Videos (even amateur ones)
have been used as evidence the world over, but Kenya is special.

2. https://www.labnol.org/software/exif-data-editors/14210/

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> Hi good people,
> Is there anyone here working in tech for rights?
> When I saw the report that a hate speech case was thrown out because the
> video evidence presented was not certified, I wondered if anyone has an app
> that certifies/time stamps pics as they are being taken.
> This could be among the areas where legal and tech help each other out....
> I know there may still be problems with admissibility of such digital
> certification but is there an app in the first place?
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