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Good points for Safcom to consider and respond.  I would add another question:
Assuming Safcom will be main transmission provider for the presidential results, what plans do they have in place in case Al-Shabaabs hit their masts on d-day? 
Ama we just go manual as per the provisions of the revised law?

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Good morning,
Once again Thank you kindly Walubengo for moderating this final but not least opportunity to engage with Safaricom

1) I wish to know if using technology Safaricom will make any provision to allow the general public to verify their votes themselves?
2)Is there a web or mobile platform they can provide that allows each individual voters to act as an independent election monitor and check the results based on your polling station where you just voted?
3) Lastly with regards to level of assurance that transmitted results are safe and secure, what encryption standards are Safaricom using to transmit the results? 
4) Will the encrypted results be shared with any other transmission machines or will they be tallied in a database at the polling site before final relay to Nairobi?
I think as a private and non-biased telecom provider in the upcoming elections, its most probable for Safaricom to build capacity to monitor the digital footpath of the votes both from a security point of view as well as transmission point of view, 
This will allow for forensic audit and verification later on in case a dispute arises
Thank you kindlyLukeO
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Morning Listers,
As we go into the general elections,Safaricom is likely to be one of the Technology providers for IEBC. What arethe concerns of users/citizens on this matter? Guidelineissues:a) What assurances are there that theresults transmitted are will safe, secure and verifiable?b) What are the chances of failure inthe transmission system?c) Should the result transmission systembe mobile (GSM)-based or should we go Satellite or both?d) Will Safcom play along in the event that Government demands an Internet shut-down before, during or after elections?
Lets have more questions, views or comments.
walu.--Thematic areas--1. Consumer Issues Day, 2. Competition Issues Day, 3. Innovators, Innovations &Suppliers Day, 4. Infrastructure & Universal AccessDay, 5. Technology & Elections Day 6. Emerging Issues/AoB Day
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