[Skunkworks] Talk-2-Safaricom, Day 4 of 6 (Thursday):-Infrastructure & Universal Access

Walubengo J jwalu at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 9 08:29:50 EAT 2017

Thanx all for your valuable comments yesterday on Innovations.  We now kick-off Day 4 theme on Infrastructure and Universal access.  Feel free to squeeze in belated questions on previous themes - as long as you keep the relevant subject line.
Safaricom has continued to expand itsnetwork beyond urban areas.  But what has been your experience of Safaricomservices in semi-urban and rural areas of Kenya?

a) Rural area:-Voice quality, InternetAccess(bandwidth), Mobile Money (MPESA)

b) Safaricom contributes to the UniversalService Fund to extend communications to underserved areas- how has thisimpacted your rural communities   
c) The government has the National Optical Fiber Infrastructure, to what extend does Safcom use/not use it and why?d) To provide services to under-served areas, the Universal Service Fund has been provision with Safaricom being the largest contributor, how effective is this fund?
It's a mix of questions and experiences. Floor is open till midnite today on this one. Lets hear you views.

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