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Good point @ Mildred,
What role can Safcom play in promoting our own version of 'Nollywood'?  
During Ndemo days, there was talk of 'Riverwood' productions from River Road, Nairobi. Looks like they died a silent death?

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Good morning everyone,

Thank you to the KICTANET moderators and Safaricom for this opportunity to engage.

First, I would like to echo Grace B's sentiments. Thank you Safaricom for being in almost every part of Kenya. It goes a long way in assuring me that you guys will be around for a long time. Secondly, kudos for being one of the first companies in Kenya to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure) and SDG 17 (Partnerships for the goals)

Regarding the fact that you are in almost every part of Kenya, my question is: is there a way you can partner with Kenyan filmmakers to promote Kenyan films and series/web series? Especially the work of independent and upcoming filmmakers who usually don't have the connections or resources to plug into the existing broadcasting/screening channels. I applaud innovative initiatives such as Skiza tunes and Blaze. These say to me that similar initiatives can be implemented to promote Kenyan filmmakers. Media convergence is already here with us; as a market leader, Safaricom should be at the forefront of innovative initiatives related to this.

Mildred Achoch.

Check out the Rock 'n' roll film festival, Kenya TV Channel! 

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Morning Listers,
As usual, feel free to do belated questions for Safaricom on previous thematic areas.  However, today we want to move onto Day 3 Theme - Innovators, Innovations & Suppliers.    I have copied in the innovators on Skunkworks and hope to hear their views as well.
So straight into the theme:
Safaricom has been quite innovative andkeeps coming up with new ways of doing things. As an innovator/developer/supplier, please tell us your experiences with regard to Safaricom Innovation as well as theirprocurement ecosystem. a) Is their development platform and applicationprogrammable interface (API) sufficiently open?b) Are the issues to do withIntellectual property /Patents/Procurement clear and adequate?c) Whereas the gain-sharing agreementsare private and confidential, how can they be made better?d) What is Safcom take onBitcoin/Blockchain technologies?
Lets hear your views, experiences and proposals.
We have only one day on this.
walu.----List of Themes---1. Consumer Issues Day, 2. Competition Issues Day, 3. Innovators, Innovations &Suppliers Day, 4. Infrastructure & Universal AccessDay, 5. Technology & Elections Day 

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