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Hi Njoroge,
You raise significant points below. Am sure Safaricom is noting and will get back to use towards the end of the week.
Keep the questions flowing.

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Hi John and Listers 
a) Is their development platform and applicationprogrammable interface (API) sufficiently open?

NO!. compared to what is the standard with the like offacebook to have a developers portal (https://developers.facebook.com) and Equity/Equitelportal very easy to use (https://developers.equitybankgroup.com/apis)and https://developer.pesapal.com/ etcsafaricom does not have this well  documented and you have to make a number ofguess emails most often to the wrong department or person, Something that couldtake hours ends up taking weeks and sometime months. One get the impressionthat safaricom is under staffed or the staff are just ignoring your email butit not that bad this days I was give a call account manager that is quitehelpful sometime I don’t  need to email Ijust call her up.. and things are done.. I think she got the job because of hervoice..

b) Are the issues to do with Intellectual property/Patents/Procurement clear and adequate?Lot of grey line in this but safaricom based competition isvery clear on this outlining ownership and all..
c) Whereas the gain-sharing agreements are private andconfidential, how can they be made better? I think safaricom is NOT in the business of sealing ideasbut Most employees being Kenyan have a keen eye on opportunities.. otheremployees have vested  interest in competingbusinesses and will lock you up new idea to be launched where they can eat from..I think having applications to be view-able by more than one employee in thebusiness would help but I would recommend you pray very very hard if possiblefast for 40 days before sharing with this guys in private  
d) What is Safcom take on Bitcoin/Blockchain technologies?If bitcoin gained high traction that I would be in a positionto purchase sukuma from the kibanda via bitcoin other operators would come toraise at the expense of the home currency just as we don’t trade in gold andgold is represented in reserve via the currency notes, we would trade inbitcoin represented in Kenya currency.. I don’t see M-Pesa in the Picture pastthe currency loading yet they want you to Lipa Na M-Pesa kokote.. but may be amother thinking.. To answer the question Safaricom is more some reason againstbitcoin and has show this by not supporting bitcoin based startups 
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Morning Listers,
As usual, feel free to do belated questions for Safaricom on previous thematic areas.  However, today we want to move onto Day 3 Theme - Innovators, Innovations & Suppliers.    I have copied in the innovators on Skunkworks and hope to hear their views as well.
So straight into the theme:
Safaricom has been quite innovative andkeeps coming up with new ways of doing things. As an innovator/developer/supplier, please tell us your experiences with regard to Safaricom Innovation as well as theirprocurement ecosystem. a) Is their development platform and applicationprogrammable interface (API) sufficiently open?b) Are the issues to do withIntellectual property /Patents/Procurement clear and adequate?c) Whereas the gain-sharing agreementsare private and confidential, how can they be made better?d) What is Safcom take onBitcoin/Blockchain technologies?
Lets hear your views, experiences and proposals.
We have only one day on this.
walu.----List of Themes---1. Consumer Issues Day, 2. Competition Issues Day, 3. Innovators, Innovations &Suppliers Day, 4. Infrastructure & Universal AccessDay, 5. Technology & Elections Day 

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