[Skunkworks] Day 3 of 6 (Wednesday) :-Innovators, Innovations & Suppliers

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Wed Feb 8 08:11:16 EAT 2017

Morning Listers,
As usual, feel free to do belated questions for Safaricom on previous thematic areas.  However, today we want to move onto Day 3 Theme - Innovators, Innovations & Suppliers.    I have copied in the innovators on Skunkworks and hope to hear their views as well.
So straight into the theme:
Safaricom has been quite innovative andkeeps coming up with new ways of doing things. As an innovator/developer/supplier, please tell us your experiences with regard to Safaricom Innovation as well as theirprocurement ecosystem.

a) Is their development platform and applicationprogrammable interface (API) sufficiently open?

b) Are the issues to do withIntellectual property /Patents/Procurement clear and adequate?

c) Whereas the gain-sharing agreementsare private and confidential, how can they be made better?

d) What is Safcom take onBitcoin/Blockchain technologies?

Lets hear your views, experiences and proposals.
We have only one day on this.
walu.----List of Themes---1. Consumer Issues Day, 

2. Competition Issues Day, 

3. Innovators, Innovations &Suppliers Day, 

4. Infrastructure & Universal AccessDay, 

5. Technology & Elections Day 

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