[Skunkworks] SAVE THE DATE: Hackathon @AIS - May 26th to May 28th 2017

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Fri Apr 28 15:58:36 EAT 2017


ISOC and AFRINIC are organizing a Hackathon to bring together engineers who
are interested in learning about the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)
and how IETF standards can be applied to code. The hackathon looks to
encourage developers to discuss, collaborate and develop utilities, ideas,
sample code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF

When: Friday May 26th to Saturday May 28th, 2017**
Where: Boma Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya (venue of the Africa Internet Summit)
Room: TBD

Participant Skill Requirements

   - Must be comfortable programming in C (other languages are also a bonus)
   - Must have experience working with the UNIX/Linux Shell
   - Knowledge of the DNS Protocol is a must
   - Experience with managing any DNS server
   - Familiarity with IPv4 and IPv6
   - Understanding of Networking and Client - Server architecture
   - Prior experience with UNIX and Linux system administration would be a

What you will need to participate

   - Bring a laptop on which you are comfortable developing software
   - You may be required to install additional software
   - Anything else that is required will be provided, such as Virtual
   Machines if needed
   - Installing and becoming familiar with VirtualBox or something similar
   will help
   - Wireless access to the Internet will be provided
   - Team ethic (working as a team to solve a problem)


   - Familiarity with the IETF prior to the event (http://ietf.org) and
   RFCs (https://www.ietf.org/rfc.html)
   - Familiarity with GitHub prior to the event would be useful to have (
   - Online course on DNS and Networking will be made available to
   participants prior to the event

Post Hackathon Activities

   - Further engagement regarding the IETF (more on this at the event)
   - Invitation to attend or organize an IETF Hub for the IETF 99
   - Guidance on how to organize similar hackathons

Registration details will be sent in the coming week. Space will be limited.

Technologies that will be covered in the Hackthon will be on the Domain
Name System (DNS) and IPv6 and RFCs related to both.

The dates may move forward or back by 1 day but this will be communicated
as early as possible.

More details in the coming week.


Kevin G. Chege
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