[Skunkworks] JTL Bandwidth

geoffrey gitagia ggitagia at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 11:36:22 EAT 2017

Hi Skunks

I've been having a problem with JTL and I'm thinking they're trying to
force upgrade me..  See below

1. They say that I'm over utilizing my link , but I've not made any
additional load on my link.. Speed test using international speed sites 1pc
connected to router  I'm getting less than 1 mbps but they say we use
theirs which give 20 Mbps .. Ofcourse we all know this is false

2. I've created a point to point tunnel..  The services on the other side
are being accessed with no change in performance almost LAN like speeds ..
Now the tunnel connects over the internet since it's  public ip (JTL)  to
public ip (safaricom)

3. Even with slow internet Email should be working okay ..but our client
pcs aren't  able to download even a lowsy test 5kb email

I highly suspect they're upto no good.. I'll upgrade and redo all my tests
so as to have evidence in future.. But what say yee?
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