[Skunkworks] OT:Laptop stealing in Nairobi Buses

Mutinda Kitana geniusphere at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 12:37:40 EAT 2016

Hi Cynthia,

The coin dropping trick...so sorry it happened to you. I was a victim of that once and lost my wallet. Nowadays unless the conductor drops one I don't pick coins for anybody!

Also us Nairobians are chicken-hearted. We avoid situations where we can get hurt, even if someone needs our help. Hangovers from the Moi Error...


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On Jul 16, 2016 6:48 AM, Cynthia Wahome via skunkworks <skunkworks at lists.my.co.ke> wrote:
> Hello All
> Just thought i would highlight my plight.I had heard of this but i never
> thought it could happen to me.
> A few days ago i boarded a bus heading back to town from Mombasa road.
> I had my bag with my laptop inside.
> Everything was fine until the moment i received a phone call from my boss
> and we began talking.The conversation continued for quite some time.
> Little did i know that some two four guys(i assume they were four in total)
> i was seated at the window and two guys came and sat next to me.
> i didnt think much of it at the time.
> As we reached GPO one of them behind me dropped some coins and asked me to
> pick it up for him.I think that was when they opened the bag and got
> it.not really sure.On a serious note,i dont know how these guys were that
> good..
> By the time i screamed..they had confronted me and i was down.
> What really pissed me off is Nairobians can see a lady on a bus being
> mugged and do nothing about it.They just watch.
> These thieves are very dangerous and they can get physical.
> Please be aware
> Regards
> Cynthia.
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