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Thanks Wilson,

Now this makes sense.



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>> Skunks,
>> I would like to purchase either one of the above and I need advice on the
>> way to go.
>> We are looking at network segregation using different subnets on
>> different VLANs and at the moment we assign IP's by using a Windows DHCP
>> Server.
>> I am not sure if Windows is able to handle assignment of DHCP on multiple
>> subnets but from the little info I have gathered I understand this is
>> easier done on either Cisco Router or Layer 3 Core switch. On our current
>> setup we have Layer 2 2960 Catalyst switches and one 2901 Catalyst Router
>> facing the internet before the Firewall.
>> What would be the best way to set this up?
>> You can inbox your number and I will be glad to call back.
>> Thanks and regards,
>> Peter Mugoh
> ​Is it possible to have several VLANs on windows server (NIC)? Can it
> hold/configure several instances of DHCP service/server tagged to specific
> VLAN. If the answer is yes, then just segment accordingly. and port facing
> the server - configure as TRUNK allowing *all* or *specific* vlans.
> Kind Regards,
> Wilson./
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