[Skunkworks] Routing conference bridge

maina dmaishe at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 10:39:19 EAT 2014

Hi IPPBX experts,

Am having some difficulties with the subject.

Call 123456789 >> call hits 1st IPPBX >>IVR plays >> you enter conference
number/bridge >> 1st IPPBX routes the call to 2nd IPPBX which is on a
different geographical location(this is where bridge is hosted).

The issue am having is, 1st IPPBX is routing call as dialed eg 123456789
instead of routing confrence bridge eg 1122.

Connectivity(Trunks and Routes) are working both ways.

I have configured IVR on 1st IPPBX to route 1122 to a SIP trunk tht
connects to 2nd IPPBX.

Am able to connect to bridge if i connect direct to an extension on 1st
IPPBX either through soft phone or desk phone.

Am using distro from http://www.freepbx.org.

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