[Skunkworks] On Access points and streaming video via wifi

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On 9 December 2013 23:02, Silas Savali <dzez2003 at gmail.com> wrote:

> We are currently planning a party for a friend and I wanted to load some
> videos on a server then hook it up with these powerful outdoor AP (its a
> big hotel) then have all the guests log in and stream the video(via XMBC or
> MediaTomb) to their devices (720p and higher video mark you)
> I have several questions
>    1. Do these Access Points have a maximum no of users who can be
>    connected?
> Maximum number of users per AP is determined by the IP address space being
used. If your DHCP server is configured for a /24 subnet, then of course
you have a maximum limit of 253 users, because the AP takes one IP.

>    1. Do they have a maximum bandwidth?
> Well, that sounds obvious to me. When you buy an AP, they say the Wireless
speed -  54Mbps/150Mbps/300Mbps...
and you never really achieve that max speed....

>    1. What are the disadvantages of these idea and what should I watch
>    out for?
> Not having implemented any such infrastructure, I have no clue as to what
the cons would be.

However, your APs must be able to support the throughput that you expect.

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