[Skunkworks] Community Driven Payment System

Michael Pedersen sku at kaal.dk
Fri Aug 2 17:18:02 EAT 2013

Hi Solomon (& others),

Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but you are more than 
welcome to contribute code to pesaPi ;-)

pesaPi is an open source payment middleware - meaning it sits between 
your system/solution and the various payment systems available, making 
it easier to link the two together.

As an open source project the direction it takes (going forward) is 
largely depending on the code being contributed by individuals.
With that in mind it would be possible for someone to extend it to work 
as a sort of digital wallet - or as a bridge towards virtual currencies 
such a bitcoin (however those things are not my personal focus in the 


On 8/2/13 1:28 PM, solomon kariri wrote:
> Hi Skunks,
> With the current upward trend in transaction fees in local
> mobile/online payment systems, I think it will be a good idea for the
> Kenyan tech community to come together and build a community based
> money transfer system that will be sustainable and affordable to all.
> What does the rest of the tech community think?

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