[Skunkworks] Looking for Nissan Anti Theft system (NATS) Intelligent Key

Job Muriuki muriukin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 20:12:51 EAT 2013

I need a spare key for a Nissan Note. It comes fitted with NATS (Nissan
Anti Theft system) which uses a key fitted with a transponder and
an Intelligent Key for key-less

I contacted DT-Dobie and quoted 30,000 sh which I find a lot for a spare
key unless I can
get a locksmith who has such keys for Nissans. Any pointers?

Job Njogu Muriuki,

Phone: (+254) - 722906324 | 736333075
Skype: heviejob | Yahoo: heviejob

Address: 42665 00100 Nrb

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