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@Kiania, am not even going to comment on the fiber outage lest I be accused
of flame wars on this list. Key things came up : Ever heard of automated
redundancy? No, such things are done manually, since its the best way to do
things. Secondly also exposed that most ISPs are running on TEAMs and very
little Seacom/Eassy capacity. There has been no official acknowledgement of
the problem. In some places it took almost 24 hours before anyone really
knew why the problems occurred, as there were no public advisories
available. ;-(

@Mark_Mwangi : Orange/Telkom  invested KSH 5 billion into the new network.
Ok, am not going to do free advertisement for them... :-)

- Safaricom 3g latencies = 450-700ms. Sometimes you can wake up in the
morning and the traffic has been routed via satellite. The following day,
it will revert back to fiber. The same afternoon, some protocols will not
work while others worked earlier. If they maintained consistency, it still
would be a worthwhile to use as the coverage is extensive. But as written
earlier, it is not possible to have the best of all worlds.

- Orange 3.75G = 200-350ms and over fiber. Looks and feel like a corporate

- Airtel 3.75G = unknown at the moment. I'm not sure what to hope to have
here, when companies build on the congested model, then quality is very
close to the egde of getting lost somewhere.  If the 3.75G does turns out
to be slower than Safaricom older 3G network, what a disappointment.

Corrections welcome.


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> As a foot note
> http://mashilingi.blogspot.com/2012/02/submarine-cable-cut-cripples-kenyas.html?spref=fb
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