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dictatorship is good for a country only if you are among the ruling class -


On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 12:18 PM, ndungu stephen <ndungustephen at gmail.com>wrote:

> I am also surprised about the 'good image' that was suppressed deliberately
> by the media:
> http://factspy.net/the-gaddafi-no-one-will-tell-you-about/
> Sometimes I do wonder if indeed a full democracy *or* a
> semi-democracy/semi-socialism is good for the population.
> But who is to say - may be a little dictatorship is good for some Countries
> ?? Because democracy opens up doors not for the leader to loot - but also
> his ministers and cronies to loot, a form of dictatorship narrows down the
> number of looters..
> A good dictatorial view like Gaddafi's farming and housing schemes can push
> a Country forward, a bad decision can pull it backwards.
> Look how long Obama has taken *'debating'* with Congress whether an
> affordable health-care system is good for Wananchi ?
> That being said; the mistake Gaddafi made was to over-stay his welcome. Yes
> he did good, but he should have prepared to be on his way out, by beginning
> a filtering process to identify a leader who has similar views (except the
> manic part of cos [?] )  to take over from him.
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