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@Ashok if you read what I have written, is if you reproduce what I have posted on the Internet or email that is called Plagiarism. The people I work for can slap you with a law suite. If they feel the information you Plagiarised is potentially damaging to them. The problem is not me its on you. If I publish something you wrote, I am also must reference you as my source. 

By the way Ahok, if you are aware about these laws in the west you will not be arguing with me. If you dont know abou these read about these Licenses and figure out why they exist.. GPL (all versions), LGPL, MIT, BSD ..... and thousands others. Ask yourself why people and companies find it necessary to copyright and patent their info. 

This is nothing to do with me but its about the legal systems operating in the world, whether you want to or not as long as you post anything on the internet you are subject to these laws through jurisdiction. Just because no one prosecutes does not meant they are not in place 


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@Brainiac, the reason why I have to be strict, is coz as an independent contrator for a company thats big on intellectual property, 
> Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism etc and they also reference us to their clients so some of us need to be very cautious about what appears on the net that links back to us. 
> If you are are worried about such things when posting to a public mailing list -- you should NOT be posting anything at all. In fact you should not be sending emails to anyone at all -- since I could be posting the contents of all your emails on twitter, facebook, weibo, myspace etc. 
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