[Skunkworks] Cisco decides to Kill Flip

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Wed Apr 13 22:32:32 EAT 2011

It depends, and yes Kodak had better be dancing, also note cisco didn't  
even bother selling that BU, they closed it....

Cisco has been making huge changes, quietly: here's a few (follow the  
1: they dropped HP as a partner last year:

2: John Chambers memo to staff 'leaked'. April 5, 2011. This outlines bold  
changes in how they do their business, where they'll focus etc etc, a bit  
late with some changes but still quite bold in accepting their mistakes and  
working towards a fix.

3: the flip: come on that was not to last. I expect the Cius tablet to go  
down the same road, the flip lost money!!!, heckphones are taking HD video  
and sharing it realtime so i doubt even Kodak are any happier, flip  
couldn't cope cisco were out of their depth and they knew it (the flip had  
no networking capability,cisco is a networking company:-)), the Cius tablet  
cant beat the Ipad, samsung galaxy either. They should drop it now. It's  
like mercedes deciding to roll out umm a car for the 'masses' lets call it  
a toyota,then over price it. I expect the fancy site with a flashy front to  
go too, we (techies) expect a clear,clean documentation site like we were  
used to, cisco had a core business, they are losing it to Huawei and other  
vendors while chasing what, tablets?,really unsopportable support models?  
they should be powering the networks tablets are running on!! I am happy  
with the new focus on their core business and customers...so far...

4: the last change that also came late but still a good thing is this:
For a long time, you either had to get the actual cisco routers/switches  
etc to learn their cli/OS or grab the IOS from somewhere and run  
dynamips/dynagen. However Internally cisco had the capability to run Ios On  
Unix (IOU) mainly solaris. As we move along, cisco now has legacy IOS,  
IOS-XR, ASA and NX-OS, getting those on emulators for testing/benchmarking  
won't be easy for all of us and I can imagine getting certified will become  
a bit harder, which means at some point cisco will suffer (HP,juniper et  
all are not any better either)...Well cisco finally released the IOU as its  
popularly known to their learning partners, heck if you search for it  
online you'll get it somewhere...it's what they use for the ccie  
(R&S)troubleshooting lab.


On Apr 13, 2011 9:30pm, David Kiania | Asentric Consulting Ltd  
<kianiadee at gmail.com> wrote:
> Cisco has decided to end the life of the flip video in a cost cutting  
> measure.

> http://www.macworld.com/article/159195/2011/04/flip_is_dead.html

> Based on existing review that isn't sounding like a very good decision

> with opposition coming from CNN I reporters and video bloggers. I am

> sure Kodak are dancing late into the night.

> Kiania D.

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