[Skunkworks] Idea for Telcos: Open Platform.

wesley kiriinya kiriinya2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 14 14:02:57 EAT 2009

Hi yall,
Can one of our ever competing Telcos develop a platform and expose APIs that allow developers to plug in applications to their back-end infrastructure that they hold dear? There are many developers who want to build awesome mobile applications but they would like access to the Telcos infrastructure for the application to make business/market sense. With all these applications, come the subscribers.
If there is a Telco out there willing to do the next big thing after M-PESA, then I believe this is it.
Have a department of skilled developers familiar with Telco stuff and the department will be the link to the outside developers, providing knowledge, support etc that a normal developer would need to plug in. Hopefully if at all the developer is charged anything then it will be reasonable.


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